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Silent PC Review and the SPCR Forums have been free of charge for all visitors since their launch in April 2002. They say you get what you pay for, yet despite the no-cost entry, the unique, thorough, unbiased quality of SPCR content has been applauded by visitors from all over the world, other technology web sites, and the mainstream press. Some of the media coverage about Silent PC Review can be seen on the page SPCR in the News.

For information, insight and knowhow about the science and art of making quiet computers, there is simply no other source. SPCR is the only game, not just in town, but on the entire web. Our database of detailed, practical information on every aspect of minimizing PC acoustics is comprehensive, and constantly expanded to keep uptodate with changes in computer technology.

It began as a hobby, but SPCR has turned into a full-time avocation that demands much energy, creativity and devotion from a handful of individuals who manage the site "with such passion and devotion" in order to keep it "so useful and rewarding to visit", as one appreciative visitor put it recently. Continuous improvements in testing technologies and methods, controlled experimentation, and self education are integral to bringing you the best information possible.

If you appreciate SPCR's unique content, please make a donation. There are substantial costs in hosting and creating content for SPCR, and advertising revenue does not cover them. Your contribution will help us to continue delivering the innovative and insightful articles you've come to expect from SPCR.

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Where does your money go? Your money helps to finance the purchase
and maintenance of test equipment such as digital thermometers, high precision
anenometers, lab test power supplies, audio test gear and other customized
equipment which is often built or modified especially for our unique requirements.
The wear and tear on this gear is constant, and it requires far more frequent
replacement and maintenance that typical computer equipment in more ordinary
applications. We feature occasional articles describing our lab and gear,
such as Silent Lab
PC with No Moving Parts
, An
Anechoic Chamber for SPCR
, New
Audio Test Gear, SPCR 2008
, and Archive:
SPCR's Test / Sound Lab: A Short Tour
. It also helps to renumerate contributors
for the painstaking work and long hours they put in to assess products and
write articles.

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