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Recommended Power Supplies

Our short list of recommended power supplies for quiet or silent computers. Last update: 25 September 2013.

Power Supply Fundamentals

A reference article comprehensively discussing many aspects of power supplies and how they affect system noise, cooling, efficiency and stability. Also lists recommended quiet power supplies. This is a years-old article that has been updated numerous times. It remains the most popular article at SPCR, with nearly 900,000 reads as of April 2007. Last updated April 4, 2007.

SPCR Power Supply Test Rig, v.4 (and v.4.1)

A little over a year after our last major update, we've made changes extensive enough to consider this the fourth iteration of SPCR's power supply testing system. PSU reviews have been popular bread-and-butter articles at SPCR for years, partly because of our close attention to detail, fundamentally sound test procedures, good test gear and thorough acoustic analysis. It is also because there were few serious PSU reviews done by other hardware web sites. Now, we've added crossloading, low AC input voltage, and ripple testing to complete our mix of PSU tests.

Silverstone SX600-G: SFX 80+ Gold PSU

The highest power SFX power supply to date, boasting 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating, is Silverstone's latest PSU offering. Is it quiet enough for SPCR?


Rosewill Silent Night 500 Platinum 80 Plus

Rosewill may be a house brand, but Newegg has enough muscle to attract strong partners. In the case of the Silent Night 500 Fanless 80+ Platinum PSU, Rosewill's partner Super Flower has given Rosewill a major win.


Power Lost: A Better Way to Compare PSU Efficiency

CA_Steve, an active member and a moderator in the SPCR forums, examined the 80 PLUS definition of efficiency as a % figure at different power levels, also defined as a % of the rated power of a PSU. Steve decided that this is too misleading and shows why power lost (as heat) is a better efficiency comparison tool. I've had the same thoughts for years, but Steve took the extra step of data-mining my/SPCR PSU reviews for the past half dozen years to demonstrate the above, and show various power efficiency trends and issues relevant for not only Silent PC enthusiasts, but anyone with a yen to minimize energy consumption.


Seasonic Platinum Fanless 520W PSU

The title says it all: A fanless 80 PLUS Platinum 92% efficient power supply from Seasonic, the company which pioneered super-quiet power supplies. Can this product meet the expectations of its eagerly awaiting fans? ADDENDUM, 5 Feb 2013: The Third Sample.


Super Flower Golden Green 350W PSU

This 90% efficient 350W PSU was announced nearly a year before the entrance of the Seasonic G360, but hasn't made much noise in the marketplace. A close examination shows that the product is quite competitive with the new Seasonic.


bequiet! Dark Power Pro 10 550W Power Supply

The name is a big mouthful, which fits with the rest of the Dark Power Pro 10 550W — the big packaging, the big casing, and in the end, the big performance. Our first gander at a bequiet! PSU in years, and it manages to catapult past most of the traditional leaders, right to the top of our super-silent, high efficiency, high performance PSU list.


CoolerMaster Silent Pro M2 720W PSU

A Silent Pro M 700W power supply has been doing reliable yeoman duty in SPCR labs for years. We examine a new variant, the CoolerMaster Silent Pro M2 720W out of curiosity and not a little hope for more of the same.


Enermax Platimax 600W

A Platinum-efficiency (92%) power supply from Enermax, one of the oldest names in the computer power sector, promises superb performance and ultra low noise, like its earlier brethren, Modu/Pro 87+... at a price.


Seasonic G360 PSU: High efficiency & performance, low price

The 360W power rating and the modest price tag make it seem like a throwback to Pentium 3 days but the G360 is a modern PSU in every other way, with a direct lineage to Seasonic's vaunted X-series. FLASH: Seasonic USA is giving away G360s to two lucky SPCR forum members!


Seasonic SS-350TGM 80 Plus Gold TFX

Seasonic introduces 80 Plus Gold efficiency PSUs in TFX12V form factor with semi-passive, hybrid cooling for mini-towers and compact media PCs. Will system integrators embrace these new 300W and 350W PSUs?


Power Distribution in Three PCs (2012)

Six years ago we conducted an anlysis of power consumption and distribution in several desktop PCs. Today we repeat the analysis with three modern machines to see how things have changed.

Kingwin LZP-1000: Platinum Efficiency at a KiloWatt

The subject of our second KW power supply test in a row is an 80 Plus Platinum rated Kingwin vying for top honors among gaming silent PC enthusiasts. How does it fare against the Seasonic X1050 celebrated in a recent review?



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