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Review: Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 Pro TC

Another cooler reviewed for the hot summer, this time a brand new thermally controlled HSF for P4-478 from Arctic Cooling. Inexpensive and effective, fine attention to details, great for those seeking simplicity and not cutting-edge performance.


Review: Kamakaze HSF by Scythe

The Kamakaze CPU heatsink by Scythe in Japan is an unusual product, offered as a complete package with 80mm fan and manual speed controller. With a strong resemblance to Alpha heatsinks, the Kamakaze seems to have been designed from the ground up for "native" compatibility as a socket-478 or socket-A/370 cooler. Read the review.


Review: Zalman 7000-Cu / AlCu CPU Heatsink

An extensive review of the Zalman CNPS7000-Cu and -AlCu, the current top of Zalman's extensive P4 cooler line. They depart from the last generation of Zalman's top P4 coolers from by being radial rather than "fanned", and by having an integrated fan rather than one on an extended overhead bracket. How quiet and how cool?


Review: Nexus KCZ-2700 CPU Cooler

A review of the KCZ-2700 MS / LS socket-A heatsink from Nexus, the people who brought you quiet PSUs. Thin aluminum fins soldered to a nickel-plated copper base plate, a slim 60mm fan and a handy 6-lug mounting clip: Is this HSF a quiet champ?


Review: Thermalright SLK-900U Heatsink

Thermalright's new SLK-900U cooler works with both P4-478 and Socket-A motherboards. We eschew the monster 92x38mm 110 CFM Delta fan they offer with the new flagship heatsink and see how it does with our quiet reference fan at 12, 7 and 5V. Does the SLK-900U change our rankings? In a word, yes!


Review: Zalman ZM-80 VGA Heatpipe Cooler

Our first review of 2003 is the Zalman ZM80 VGA Heatpipe Cooler, the subject of much recent discussion in our Forums. It's also our first article by new contributor Brett Wasserman, a PC engineer with over 20 years experience in the industry.


Review: Heavyweight P4 Heatsink Roundup

The Zalman 6500Cu and 6500AlCu, the Thermalright AX478 and the stock Intel P4 HSF are reviewed with a quiet, low airflow Panaflo, using our "compare-heatsinks-not-fans" approach. Again, reduced airflow testing of heatsinks provides some surprises. Our first P4 HS roundup review.


Review: Temp-controlled Coolers by Arctic Cooling & Spire

Temperature controlled fans on heatsinks are more commonplace than you think: did you know that the stock Intel P4 HSF is thermally controlled? Temperature controlled HSF have the potential to cool effectively and quietly, but few hardware reviewers take any serious notice. Is it because they don't work? We examine two inexpensive models and find them very different. One is a bargain winner. Find out which one and why in SPCR's second heatsink review.


Review: 4 Socket-A Heavyweight Heatsinks

Three celebrated heavyweights and a renown low-noise specialist in our first heatsink roundup review. The contenders: Thermalright SLK800 and AX7, the venerable Swiftech MC462A, and the CNPS6000Cu from low noise specialist Zalman. We know how they do with loud high airflow fans, but how about a Panaflo at 12, 7... and even 5 volts?



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