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Enermax Laureate EB205U external notebook HDD enclosure

The Enermax Laureate EB205U external notebook HDD enclosure is a little aluminum enclosure only marginally bigger than a notebook drive. USB 2.0 provides both connectivity and power for the drive. How well does this $22 MSRP device work?


Seagate Momentus 7200.1 100GB SATA notebook drive

Our usual noise-focused review of a new Momentus 2.5" HDD model from Seagate. This one is 7200 RPM, with 8 MB cache, SATA & NCQ and still very quiet. Pretty pricey at this point, but that's the norm for any fast cutting-edge component.


Seagate Momentus 5400.2 120GB SATA notebook drive

This is a second generation sample of Seagate's flagship model Momentus, now with SATA interface and the highest capacity of any 5400 RPM notebook drive. Our sample of one of the original Momentus left us nonplussed. This 5400.2 fares much better.


Samsung P120 200 + 250 GB Hard Drive

The Samsung P80 has been our top recommendation for a quiet 3.5" drive for quite some time, but it's showing its age. The new P120 series offers higher areal density and capacity, both of which translate to higher performance. Does the P120 retain the acoustic qualities that endeared the last generation of Samsung drives to quiet PC enthusiasts?


Hitachi 7K400 400GB Hard Drive

Hitachi's Deskstar 7K400 is one of the most capacious 3.5" IDE drive, second, only to the line flag ship 7K500. It's a high performance 7200 RPM drive in the Deskstar tradition, with many interesting features, including FDB. We put it through its paces on the SPCR acoustic test bench.


WD Scorpio 80G & Fujitsu SATA 80G notebook drives

We continue expanding our database of quiet notebook drives with a review of the Western Digital Scorpio 80G and a new Fujitsu 80G, the first SATA notebook drive.


Western Digital drives: Raptor 74 & Caviar SE 250

News about Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motors being implemented across WD's entire range of hard drives promted us to take a serious look at some of their products. The two examined here today are the super-fast Raptor and a large capacity 7200 rpm Caviar SE, and they are both a lot quieter than WD drives used to be.


Scythe Silent Box SBX-1000 HDD Enclosure

The name says it all: An enclosure intended to silence a HDD. What it doesn't tell you is that that it is made of rubber (the same kind as car tires), and uses a Heatlane flat heatpipe to help keep the drive cool.


Maxtor Diamondmax 10/300 & Hitachi 7K250 Hard Drives

Maxtor's top desktop offering (300 Gb) and one of Hitachi's former top-of-lines (250 Gb), now relegated to middling status, are featured in this review. Both acoustic noise and vibration are examined, along with power & thermal related issues. They represent reasonable alternatives to our perennial quiet HDD recommendations.


Notebook HDDs: Hitachi 5K80 80G & Samsung MP0402H 40G

We review two more quiet notebook hard drives, from Hitachi and Samsung. The Hitachi 80GB 5K80 and the Samsung 40G MP0402H are both extremely quiet, low vibration drives and not badly priced. They are affordable quiet alternatives (for desktop PCs) to silent solid state hard drives. We listen, measure and describe their acoustics and performance.


Review: Coolmax Xtreme Files F1-B Drive

An external USB2.0 HDD with one-button functions for both Windows OS and data, the Coolmax Xtreme Files Drive aims at providing easy-to-use backup and restore for desktop PC users. The review also features SPCR's first MP3 sound files of HDD noise -- Samsung SP80 and WD800JB in idle & seek.


Toshiba MK6022GAX 5400/16mb cache Notebook Drive

Reviewed today is the MK6022GAX, the highest performance notebook drive in Toshiba's lineup: A 5400 RPM, 2.5" drive with 16 mb of cache. It surely performs, but does it plumb the sub-20 dBA depths or remain in more audible >20 dBA territory? Here's our acoustic report on the Toshiba MK6022GAX.


Review: ASUS QuieTrack CRW-5232AS & CD-S520/A4

ASUS QuieTrack CRW-5232AS & CD-S520 are examined for noise performance in SPCR's second optical drive review. The new optical drives fare well against earlier ones regarded as quiet — or at least noise-reduced.


160G/8mb-cache Faceoff: Samsung vs. Seagate

Seagate Barracuda and Samsung SP Series hard drives are topics of endless discussion in the SPCR forums. We have also featured reviews of these drives, some in direct comparison. However, this is the first time that we're considering the current ATA performance leaders of each series, head to head. The review is Edward Ng's debut as a writer for SPCR.


Is the Silent PC Future 2.5-inches wide?

The silent future is 2.5" wide, I announced in a recent SPCR Forum post, referring to the future of silent computing, and to my recent discovery of extremely quiet notebook hard drives that easily put the quietest of 3.5" desktop drives to shame. This brief article follows up on that post: An overview of 2.5-inch drive developement and a noise analysis of three notebook drives with two SPCR reference desktop drives.



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