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Aphonos' Dual HDD Bungee-cord Suspension

Aphonos' long post about an alternative HDD suspension is now an article in the SPCR Storage section. Using his ingenious technique, you can bring the noise reduction benefits of HDD decoupling to almost any PC case.


Review: 2 Samsung Optical Drives

Samsung's SM-252B CDRW and SM-352B CDRW/DVD-ROM optical drives are carefully examined for noise performance in SPCR's first review of optical drives. Check out the review here.


Ron's Water Cooled HDD Silencing Enclosure

Ron Wlock's first major DIY PC project was the design and construction of what is probably the world's biggest passively cooled radiator for his water cooled computer system. Ron's latest project extends that water cooling system to his hard drive while insulating its noise. His successful project is fully detailed in this well-documented article: The HDD temps & noise achieved will amaze & perhaps inspire.


Review: Quiet HDDs by Samsung, Hitachi & Seagate

Quiet high capacity hard drives from Samsung and Hitachi go up against our old low-noise favorite, the Seagate Barracuda IV. How do these speedy big new drives compare for noise against the acoustic reference standard? An extensive noise-focused roundup review of 4 drives.


Review: Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 HDD by Dru

Latest SPCR author Dru reviews the new Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 drive by comparing it against a well known silent drive, namely the Seagate Barracuda IV, now some 18 months "old": A noise and performance contest between generations. Does one sweep both categories?


Rubber Boxes & Carved Foam: More HDD Silencing

Two more HDD silencing techniques for DIY: LeoQ's Rubber Box for obnoxiously noisy drives and MikeC's Carved Foam decoupled mounting for the Barracdua and other quiet drives that still vibrate. May be worth a read even if you're not a DIYer.


Review: Blast off with Cenatek's Rocket Drive

The Rocket Drive, a PCI card with SDRAM that emulates a hard drive, is an exciting product for anyone seeking high performance computing. For the silent PC enthusiast, what's really interesting is that this product accelerates system speed without adding any noise. Our detailed review of Cenatek's Rocket Drive.


NoVibes III HDD Decoupling Rack

SPCR's review of the NoVibes III hard drive decoupling bracket by, which supplier Silicon Acoustics says is "ideal for drives like the Barracuda IV whose noise is primarily vibrational in nature." A counterpoint to Smart Drive, another drive noise reduction product also sold by Silicon Acoustics and previously reviewed here.


Review: Smart Drive HDD Enclosure

A smarter realization of the old "seal-up-that-hard-drive" idea? Smart Drive is a slick aluminum hard drive enclosure with the superb fit & finish done so well by the Japanese. US retailer Silicon Acoustics kindly provided a review sample. Does it work? Read on & find out!


Effective Passive Hard Drive Cooling

This addition to our archive of articles on dealing with the noise and heat of hard drives was made possible by the careful experiments of Philip Dayson. More insights on effective cooling of hard drives. Hint: Neither the top nor bottom of the drive is the hottest part!


Hard Drive Sandwich - Revisited

A thorough update of an article first published in mid-2001, HS Sandwich Redux discusses a unique, inexpensive DIY hard drive noise damper that also provides effective cooling. I have added refinements and enhancements developed since the original article was written. Some of this content is also discussed in Sandwiches & Suspensions.


Hard Drive Silencing: Sandwiches & Suspensions

Along with the CPU heatsink-fan and the power supply unit, the hard drive is a major PC noise source. It whirrs and whines just idling, and clatters and grinds when in seek or write mode. There are many ways to reduce hard drive noise. The simplest of these is to use one that is quieter. But even the quietest hard drives make some noise and vibrate, so drive silencing is useful in most PC noise reduction projects.



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