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Samsung S27B970 WQHD LED Monitor

Can sleek, gorgeous, modern style and functional efficiency combine harmoniously with superb video performance? They do in Samsung's current top model, a super high 2560x1440 resolution 27" PLS LED monitor.


Audioengine A5+ Speakers and Wireless Audio Adapter

The original A5 was a runaway hit for Audioengine, so the new A5+ speakers have big shoes to fill. How are they? Two words: Shockingly good. We show you why and how, along with a close look at Audioengine's no-fuss, near-universal, wireless audio adapters, the most effective cable replacements we've encountered.


Tiché PC HDD Vibration Killer

The Tiché PC HDD Vibration Killer is an aftermarket internal hard drive suspension system that is simple but effective and cost efficient.

WD Livewire Powerline Networking Kit

Western Digital's Livewire powerline AV networking kit provides a reliable, effortless method of extending a home network using the existing electrical grid rather than running ethernet cable or using WiFi. Our full review compares the Livewire networking performance and benefits against 100 and 1000 mbps wired ethernet as well as Wifi G and N.


Samsung HW-D550 HT Sound Bar

Sound bars were created to bring home theater sound to match HD TVs without the complexity of amps, receivers, multiple speaker boxes and wires running between them all. Our first sound bar review: Samsung's slick, modestly priced HW-D550 2.1 system.


Paradigm Millenia HT Speaker System

Comprising MilleniaOne main speakers and MilleniaSub, this stylish, mini-sized, all-aluminum, high-tech speaker system from Paradigm packs a big, convincing punch, whether playing music in a classic 2.1 stereo or movie soundtracks in a full-blown 5.1 home theater.


WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

The new WD TV Live is barely the size of a mobile USB drive and costs only a C-note, yet can stream 1080p24 video from any local or networked storage via gigabit LAN or wireless-N, access 20 online media services, and work as a music jukebox or a photo/slide viewer.


Samsung PN58C6400 Plasma HDTV

Plasma was the first technology to bring us big flat screen TVs. They're still considered tops by videophiles. We take our first close look at a big 58" plasma 1080p TV from Samsung.


Soundscience Rockus 3D | 2.1 speaker system

Our review of the Soundscience Rockus 3D | 2.1 by Antec is the first time that the acoustic analysis capability of the SPCR anechoic chamber and advanced acoustic analysis tools have been used for speaker testing. Happily, the test results have been helpful, shedding light on subjective impressions and putting the review on a more empirical footing. It was also a good excuse to revisit the AudioEngine A2 speakers, reviewed just before the anechoic chamber came into service.


Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV

Inky blacks and vibrant colors from any angle, high contrast yet natural colors: Sounds like what you get a with a high price LED TV (or energy gobbling plasma)? Without resorting to expensive, exotic technologies, the Samsung LN55C650 55" 1080p web-enabled LCD TV turns in a great video performance at a very attractive price.


Wireless mouse-in Keyboards from Enermax and Moneual

QWERTY still rules, even with handheld devices, and as long as there's a computer lurking, a keyboard seems unavoidable. Couch potatoes (and HTPC users) rejoice: Here are two wireless keyboards with integrated mice, designed for relaxed in-lap use.


LogicSupply's BCM970012 PCIe mini card for 1080p on Intel Atom

Logic Supply offers a Broadcom BCM970012 PCIe mini card that enables any Intel Atom system to play 1080p HD video. We give the card a compare/contrast before/after on a Intel D945GSEJT Atom board, and against two ready-made ION systems from Lenovo and Asus.


Samsung UN55B7100 55" LED HDTV

It's not exactly an LED TV, but an LCD TV with LED backlights. Nevertheless, the UN55B7100 is the largest of Samsung's mid-level 7000 series HDTVs and sports a bewildering array of technology and features. Our focus, as usual, is on performance and practical considerations: Does it look and sound great? Does it serve martinis and peanuts?


Low Power Monitors from Samsung and Lenovo

Monitors are not our usual review subjects at SPCR. Ironically, the fact that they make very little noise (with a few exceptions) takes them off our radar; they're usually quiet and we like that, but we don't have too much more to say. That said, our interest in power efficiency (and some corresponding environmental concerns) has prompted us to take a closer look at a couple LCD monitors that bill themselves as "low power".


Samsung YP-S3 digital media player

The Samsung YP-S3 is a small, slick, touch-sensitive portable audio/video media player priced at $100. SPCR's first Short Take article.



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