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SPCR is 12

Twelve is a number imbued with rich meaning throughout history and
mythology, in a myriad of cultures. Twelve apostles in Christianity, twelve
Olympians in ancient Greek mythology, twelve Jyotirlingas in Hindu Shaivism.
In time: Twelve months, twelve hours in a clock dial, twelve signs in both Chinese
and Western zodiacs. In movieland: Twelve Monkeys, 12 Angry Men, The Dirty Dozen
and Ocean's Twelve. Twelve Knights at King Arthur's round table, 12 inches in
a foot, a dozen eggs. And SPCR is 12 years old today.


Where in the world is SPCR?

Silent PC Review's editorial team members travel and attend various IT events throughout the year to keep abreast of news and developments relevant to our interests and those of our community. The following schedule attempts to answer the question, Where in the world is SPCR?


2002-2012: A Decade of SPCR

The passage of a decade is always considered a major milestone, and on Sunday April 1, 2012, SPCR entered its second decade.

Eight Years of SPCR

Silent PC Review is officially eight years old today. Great thanks to all the supporters whose donations helped SPCR come this far, and hopefully go farther into the future. Much thanks, too, for all the corporate supporters over the years. SPCR's anechoic chamber remains the high point of all this support, and it has become the unique centerpoint of our identity among tech web sites. Thank you all!

Seven Years

Seven is a number full of significance. In Christianity, the world was created in seven days. In Hindu mythology, there are seven worlds in the universe, seven seas in the world. In mathematics, it's a lucky prime. Randomly, there were seven wonders in the ancient world, Seven Years in Tibet, seven colors in a rainbow, seven virtues and seven deadly sins, Seven Samurai, seven years of bad luck, Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, and Silent PC Review is officially seven years old today.

Make SPCR Even Better in 2008

A new sound measurement and recording system, and a


How SPCR Came To Be: 2002-2010

A tale of passionate obsession pursued.


About SPCR

A summary about Silent PC Review.


SPCR in the News

This is a collection of articles about Silent PC Review, Quiet Computing and/or Mike Chin that have appeared in the media over the years. It is not complete or exhaustive. Also listed are works about computing by Mike Chin published outside of SPCR.


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Support SPCR with your contribution!

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