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SPCR Certified Silent PCs

PC Systems designed by SPCR

SPCR Certified PCs

Since SPCR was launched in April 2002, the market for quiet computer components has expanded many times. But the number of options and sources for quiet computers is still woefully small. SPCR partners with commercial system integrators who offer complete PCs built to our stringent acoustic standards. There are two defining standards: Silent and Quiet. Updated June 2012.

Certified Silent: EPCN Streacom FC9 Fanless PC

A completely fanless media PC from EndPCNoise runs cool enough in for any real-world applications while emitting no noise at all unless the DVD drive is engaged.

Certified Silent Puget Serenity Pro

The latest Certifiably Silent PC from Puget Computers features an Ivy Bridge i7-3770K and an nVidia GTX670 gaming card. The SPCR Silent Certification should be a clear hint: There's not much of a price in noise for this high performance gamer.

AVADirect Quiet Gaming PC with GTX680

The second SPCR Quiet Certified PC from AVADirect Custom Computers is a powerful rig features an ASUS DirectCU GTX680 graphics card and an Ivy Bridge i7-3770k. Just 16 dBA @ 1m doing ordinary tasks, and 26 dBA at full GPU/CPU load even in a hot 30°C ambient.

AVADirect Quiet Gaming PC

The first SPCR Quiet Certified PC from AVADirect Custom Computers features a GTX560 Ti graphics card along with an Ivy Bridge i7-3770k CPU in a system that's quiet doing ordinary tasks and ramps up only moderately at full GPU/CPU load.

Serenity Mini, SPCR Edition by Puget Computers

Serenity Mini is the moniker of a Puget computer that is 25% smaller than the Serenity, SPCR Edition v.3. Does the Mini, SPCR Edition, match the ultra-low noise and superb performance of its larger predecessor... even when its i5 Sandy Bridge CPU is overclock-preset to 4.0GHz?

Serenity i7 Sandy Bridge PC, SPCR Edition, by Puget Computers

Time flies in the tech world. Blink, turn your head for a moment, and today's greatest technology is yesterday's news. So it is with the Serenity PC, SPCR Edition. The previous edition turned out to be the quietest computer system we have ever reviewed or even laid our hands on, and probably quieter than any PC will ever be, short of one with no moving parts and zero electronic noise. Another 3.5 months later, the latest SPCR Edition of the Puget Serenity with Sandy Bridge is here.

Puget Serenity, SPCR Edition v.2

In the few months after the Serenity was SPCR-certified as a silent PC, Puget went back to the drawing board to make the i7 PC even quieter. The development team made changes to fans, subtle improvements to the chassis, a series of small upgrades in other components, and perhaps most importantly, resorted to binning (like the big boys) to cherry-pick only the quietest components off their shelf for the SPCR edition. This second sample that we just finished testing is nothing short of marvelous.

Puget Serenity i7 PC System

Puget Custom Computers joins the SPCR-certified PC program with Serenity, a powerful Intel i7 system that idles at just 14 [email protected]

Anitec's SPCR-certified SilenT3 PC

Anitec Computers of Vancouver, BC is now offering a new SPCR-certified PC for silent PC seekers in Canada. This unique, compact, capable computer combines best-of components for the lowest SPL measured of any retail PC examined by SPCR.

Extreme Gamer 22dBA PC by EndPCNoise

The title says it all. It's a Silent (22 [email protected]) Gaming PC certified by SPCR and offered by EndPCNoise.

Model One by EndPCNoise

Classic mid-tower system with vanishingly low acoustics offered by End PC Noise.

In Canada: Stealth 100 by Anitec Computers

We're pleased to announced that Anitec Computers of Vancouver now offers SPCR-designed quiet PCs in Canada. Currently a single model is offered: SPCR Stealth 100.

Model Eleven by EndPCNoise

A whisper quiet SPCR-designed media PC system by EndPCNoise of Vancouver, Washington.

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