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Another Thorens Reborn: TD160

The Thorens TD160 is a poor man's Linn, and still amazingly popular as the vinyl revival continues. This is the story of a 160 reborn, with many components "borrowed" from the Linn.

Thorens TD125 + SME 3009 II Fully Restored

The Thorens TD125 is a vintage classic still in demand among vinyl record enthusiasts today. This is the story of one restoration of a 40+ year old turntable, with an SME 3009 II tonearm.

Two Amp Projects: 8x100W DIY & H/K 770 Restoration

A show-and-tell about two amplifier projects: A DIY custom assembly of an 8x100W class-D amp and the restoration of a classic 1980 Harman/Kardon HK770 dual-mono power amp with complete replacement of all 44 capacitors.

Linkwitz Orion speakers: 7-yr itch?

Before I could embark on any turntable projects, I had to clean out the garage, and get rid of the parts for a speaker project I started seven years before. It turned into a 4-month job and I ended up with a tidy garage full of tools, and a speaker system better than anything I've had before.

MikeC's Audio Craft: An Introduction

Most SPCR regulars know that my fascination with everything aural, both music and sound, predates this web site by... a lifetime! This section is meant to showcase the work in audio restoration, design and construction that's becoming increasingly important to me. This article is an intro, and a quick summary & photos of my fourth re-made turntable, the Blond BB Lenco.

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