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Postscript: Scythe Ninja v.3

The Scythe Ninja heatsink, originally reviewed 18 months ago, took the enthusiast world by storm. Since then, the Ninja has under gone two major revisions. Kelly Stich examines the latest, designed to mate with the latest CPU sockets.


Lab Sample Clearance: Nov '06 Blowout

We have to clear off the lab shelves periodically to make room for the steady flow of new review samples. Our overflow is your benefit: Most samples of the gear we've reviewed in the past 6 months are all priced to sell.


35W AMD X2 3800+ in HP s7600e series PC

Hewlett-Packard, which overtook Dell as the world's biggest personal computer maker by shipments in Q3 2006 for the first time in three years, has a new enegy efficient PC in its AMD CPU based s7600e series PC. One of the three CPU options in the compact Slimline s-series chassis (just 9.75"H x 4.375"W x 13.125"D) is the much talked-about low power 35W AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ dual-core processor. Click on read more to read more.


SPCR now running on new server & host

Just a quick note to say that a long-planned transition to a new server we built and installed in a colocation host in Vancouver seems to have been successful. The name servers changes should be complete everywhere on the web by now. There is still some housekeeping to be done; please bear with us and let us know if there's some glitch we seem unaware of. Comment on this news in the forums.


Midsummer SPCR Lab Sample Clearance

We're doing another clear-out of the lab shelves: CPUs, motherboards, cases, barebone systems, coolers, hard drives, power supplies... and even a new Gibson Les Paul "Studio" electric guitar + Behringer Digital Effects box, all at blow out prices. First come, first served!


Black Antec P180 & P150 Cases and Updates

Antec is well known for producing some of the most noise-friendly enclosures around. In fact, Mike Chin, SPCR's editor, has twice collaborated with Antec to create the P180 and the NSK2400 — both of which incorporate noise-friendly design features based on tried-and-true SPCR knowledge. Another Antec case, the P150, features drive suspension to reduce vibration induced drive noise — only one of two cases that we know of to do so. Recently, the company released significantly updated versions of the P180 and the P150, including much demanded black finish jobs. Please click on read more.


SPCR v2.0 - Site redesign, visual & functional

The look, organization and feel of Silent PC Review was changed early this evening (Sunday, April 16, 2006). It is the first global change made to the site since the launch over four years ago. The visual changes are easily seen, but the functional ones are a bit less obvious. You will see them as you navigate through the various sections.

One of the major changes is the listing of complete summary information for articles (listed in reverse chronological order) in each category, including date, title, and fully summary. There are other more subtle ones, such as certain cross-topical articles appearing in more than one category.

The article index has a variety of user options for listing SPCR contents. A lot of people have asked for this in the past. Try playing with it; it should help you find articles more easily.

We think the organization of and access to information is improved. For administrators and content creators, the back end changes are immensely beneficial and will shave at least half an hour of coding work on any article. We hope you enjoy the new design. It's been in the making for many months.

SPCR regulars have already begun a discussion about these changes


Silent PC Review Turns 4 Today

Today, April Fool's Day 2006, is the 4th anniversary of SPCR's official launch. It started as a crazy hobby... and mushroomed over the years into the web's leader in PC acoustics analysis and information. We've also learned much about thermals and power efficiency in all kinds of PC products, which puts us in good stead in a new computing era of green activism that's starting to pick up steam.

My heartfelt thanks to all the people whose support, encouragement and participation helped to make SPCR what it is today -- visitors, forum members, advertisers, sponsors, contributors, writers, advisors, friends and family. (For more about how SPCR came to be... A Cautionary Tale?)



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