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Silent PC Build Guides

HTPC Home Server

A final home server variant in a Silverstone GD-03 Home Theater PC case, with a horizontal layout designed to go into a shelf below a TV. This is the final chapter in our Silent Home Server Build Guide.

Gaming/Home Server: HD 5780 + 9 HDDs

We turned the nine-HDD system into a gaming rig with an overclocked HD 5870 with Gelid Icy Vision cooler and an OCZ Vertex SSD. Can it still remain silent? YES!

Mid-Tower Home Server Configurations

Our Silent Home Server Build Guide continues with configurations using a mid-tower case and an ATX motherboard for even higher storage capacity with the same ultra-low noise objective. Includes a detailed how-to on creating a multiple elastic cord suspension system to reduce noise from 6, 9 or 12 HDDs.

SFF Gamer/File Server V2

A HD5770 card with a stock cooling solution proved to be far too noisy for our taste, so we tried a passively cooled HD5750 with a simple silent fan mod. Success! Part of the Home Server Build Guide.

Six-HDD SFF Server Test Results

Detailed outcome of the acoustic, thermal, power and use test results of the SFF Home Server. Part of our Home Server Build Guide.

SFF Home Server Configurations

A small 21-liter iteration of the Silent Home Server, still capable of handling six 3.5 inch desktop drives. Part of our Home Server Build Guide.

Silent Home Server Build Guide

You've seen system build guides on other tech web sites before. They are usually shopping lists of components recommended for the "Ultimate Gaming Rig" or "Mini PC" or what have you. There's nothing wrong with these types of guides — otherwise we would not be proposing to do them ourselves — but there's no question they can be improved. The unique selling proposition (to borrow a phrase from marketing 101) of our Silent System Build Guides is that not only will we provide suitable lists of up-to-date recommended components for a particular type of computer, but we will actually build these computers, and run and test them acoustically under tough actual-use conditions in our anechoic chamber.


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