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Do-It-Yourself Systems

Deep UnderVolt/Clock: 4.7W CPU PC

A reader's account of the most extreme undervolted and underclocked system I've yet heard about. Mark Charlesworth created an auto-speed adjusting AMD XP1700+ system that runs with as little as 4.7W CPU power draw yet ramps up to full speed when needed. Read how he did it!

Ducted Zalman 7000CU w/Countercurrent Flow Cooling

A uniquely ducted, heavily modified Zalman Z7000cu heatsink on an AMD Athlon 64-3000 are the lungs, heart and brain of Han Bijlard's new PC. Countercurrent flow cooling is the concept he implemented with a dual-Panaflo push-pull fan duct and three suspended Samsung hard drives in an Ahanix Black Knight case . The end result is a cool, quiet and powerful computer.

PC Cooling & Silencing... with a Cookie Jar!

SPCR Forum member Bluefront has a thing about filters and ducts. He uses them to great effect in keeping his PC systems cool, quiet and dust free with a minimum number of fans. The Cookie Jar duct PC is his latest brainstorm. Bluefront says it is the quietest PC he has built yet, and probably the cleanest.

Newbie Silences a Dell OptiPlex GX-240

Growing increasingly disenchanted with the noise of the Dell PCs that ended up in his office, Jonathan Horner did a google search that led him to SPCR, and "a new and exciting arena to explore." His newbie success story is likely to strike familiar chords with many readers. A Seasonic Super PSU and the recently reviewed fanless Heatlane Zen cooler are used in Mr. Horner's Dell silencing project, which also features the second OptiPlex GX-240 to appear in SPCR.

Fanless Heatpipe CPU Cooling System by FMAH

A fanless CPU cooling system custom-made using heatpipes, a massive heatsink and a unique system configuration by contributor Fred Mah, fmah of the SPCR forums. The cooling power of this silent system is nothing short of impressive, able to handle the hottest XP without a fan. It's easily adapted to any type of socket CPU and makes all kinds of system setups possible. It's in the Cooling section but could also go into Systems. A very cool design!

Bluefront's Lanboy, Part 3: Acoustically Muffled Case Fan Box

The Seasonic Super Tornado 300 is the subject of a SPCR review. The Tornado is one of the new Super family of high efficiency power supplies by Seasonic to which the previously reviewed Super Silencer 400 also belongs. How does the Tornado fare? Well, we have a new fan-cooled quiet PSU king.

Here also is Mikhailtech\'s review on the SS Tornado 300. He likes it a lot too: "The Super Tornado is one of the best power supplies I have had the pleasure of testing... recommend it without reservations."...

Bluefront's Lanboy, Part 2: Ducting an Alpha for 90% Passive Cooling

The second of a 3-part article on "Bluefront's Lanboy" describes the very heart of the computer, a solid aluminum duct made out of a Smart Choice Dryer 90 Degree Close Elbow that allows passive cooling of the CPU about 90% of the time. The first part covered the intake muffler and filter.

Bluefront's Lanboy: Muffled, Filtered & Ducted.

Part one of a 3-part article about the theory, construction, and misc. aspects of an Antec Lanboy, complete with an intake muffler/filter, an exhaust muffler box, an aluminum duct to the Alpha heatsink on a P4-2.66. Carl Bohne takes his clean air very seriously; SPCR readers will be interested in the details of the air filtration system devised for this Lanboy.

Reykjavík DIY Quiet PC

Our second multiple fan controller review is on the Zalman ZM-MFC1, a fairly sophisticated, capable device. How does it compare to the buget-priced Sunbeam Rheobus?...

Fanless Power Supply: Marko's Homebrew

It was a bit of a tossup whether Marko's great project piece should go in the System section or the PSU section; in the end, we decided to put it in both. He first wrote about it as Quix in the SPCR forums, but now you can get the whole 9 yards in Marko's article about a DIY Fanless PSU PC.

Katana's Mean Machine: Quieter than a Fish Tank

James, a.k.a. Katana Man, recently assembled a new system with some of the latest and greatest components for silent PC enthusiasts. The foundation was a D8000 mid-tower case from Coolcases, modded even more with E.A.R fan grommets and AcoustiPack panel damping. Other components included a new 120mm fan Fortron PSU, Thermalright SLK-900U, Zalman ZM-MFC1 multi-fan controller and a BIT Micro Solid State Hard Drive. The result is a speedy system whose noise level is so low that his "fish tank and flourecent lights are starting to bug" him.

Quiet MP Dual-CPU Workstation

Leo Quan, a graphic designer and visual artist, tells us about his trials and tribulations with a new topic for SPCR: The challenges of cooling a dual-Athlon, dual-hard drive workstation quietly. Leo applies PC silencing concepts freely, modifying them to his needs, and goes the whole 9 yards with a slew of mods. He gets very close to his elusive goal and, in the process, comes up with an effective new silencing technique for noisy hard drives.

Boxing & Watercooling to Silence

Michael Greene first boxed and watercooled his 1.4G Athlon system, then upgraded to a XP2000+ with three 5-gallon pails of water, ran into mold, and finally found the perfect solution in an all-copper Chrysler radiator for $5 on eBay. Michael's PC watercooling and quieting story.

Rusty's Quiet In-Desk PC

Computing enthusiast Rusty took a wholly different approach to the issue of PC noise: he built his right into the desk! While it may not make the big computing companies scramble to define a new desk (not desktop) form factor, Rusty's inventive techniques will surely have quiet computing enthusiasts poring over his fine work. His article is a preliminary work, mostly a visual exposition; the author hopes to fill out the details in time.

PC in a Breadbox

The marriage of a VIA EPIA 5000 Mini-ITX based system and a translucent blue breadbox from IKEA results in a small desktop PC that looks like a cousin to the iMac. Naturally it is extremely quiet, having only one fan at 4.3V (in the flex-atx Seasonic PSU) and a single platter Seagate Barracuda IV suspended with elastic. Read about the PC in a Breadbox.


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