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Ultimate Underclock & Undervolt Project

New contributor Leo Velikovich shares an impressive PC silencing project which involves underclocking and undervolting not just an AMD XP1700+ but also a hot GeForce 4 Ti4200 video card. Is it the Ultimate Underclock & Undervolt Project?

Fanless (or Not) with TKPower 300 & VIA C3

Partly a review of the TK Power 300 power supply and partly a DIY quiet computer project, John Coyle's quiet computer project utilizes many components and techniques discussed in Silent PC Review: the above-mentioned PSU, VIA C3 processor, quiet Seagate Barracuda IV hard drive, Zalman fan mounts, Panaflo 80mm fans, variable fan speed contro, drive decoupling by suspension, etc. A worthy first article!

Building a Mini 'Quieter-than-a-Whisper' Linux PC

Our first member contribution (!!!) is an article that describes the construction of a slim-line Linux PC that is "quieter than a whisper". Check out this article by new member author Mike Poniak!

Silencing a P4-1.6A oc'd to 2GHz

Recently, after reading about the higher efficiency of Intel's 0.13-micron Northwood core P4s, I found myself asking: Can a P4 be made to run silently at 2-GHz using non-exotic, inexpensive techniques? Attempting to answer this question was a great excuse to succumb to the siren call of speed glorious speed - once again. A long, detailed article part DIY, part review, part op-ed. The short answer, BTW, is YES!


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