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Review: FrontierPC's Silent XP2500+ system

Frontier PC in Vancouver, BC offers up their Silent XP2500+ prebuilt system for SPCR's scrutiny. A value system by one of the few Canadian stores that sells a complete quiet PC, this ones uses the boldly styled Chenbro Xpider case. Check out our review of the Frontier PC Silent XP2500+ system.

Review: Hush Mini-ITX PC

Hush Technologies' sleek and stylish Hush Mini-ITX PC finally gets reviewed at SPCR. It looks for all the world like a cross between a high end stereo amplifier and a high end CD player. It could easily become a fetish if you're so inclined. Our complete review, complete with sound power testing results.

Review: ECS EZ-Buddie SFF PC

The ECS EZ-Buddie is a unique, stylish SFF PC with an interesting mix of features, including only 80mm fans in its main case, unlike many small systems that use tiny whiny fans. It also offers a 6-in-1 card reader, front panel CPU clock speed control, and an external power box... that is its acoustic Achilles heel.

Review: STEALTH XP2000+ PC by ARM Systems

SilentPCReview's first system review, an XP2000+ based model from ARM Systems in California. The quiet PC market is still mostly dominated by component makers and marketers; there are only a handful of quiet system integrators. With 3 years of experience selling noise-reduced systems, ARM is a veteran. If you'd rather avoid the hassles of DIY and have a real warranty with onsite service, a custom-configured Stealth PC by ARM Systems (1.7 to 2.8 GHz models, P4 & XP) is definitely worth considering.

Dell Optiplex GX240: Photo Essay of a Quiet PC

This photo essay and review of a Dell system by contributor Michael Hipp appeared originally in February 2002 on his personal website. We felt it worthwhile to update and reprint here for those who are seeking ready-made quiet computer solutions. Michael's first line tells you why.


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