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SilverStone Raven RVZ02 Slim Tower

SilverStone's second crack at a miniature Raven has a more refined look and is even smaller than the first, occupying a mere 12.2 Liters. The new version addresses every misstep taken by the original while retaining similar harware support.


Lian Li PC-Q10 Mini-ITX Case

The Lian Li PC-Q10 is a rare double threat mini-ITX case. Its all-aluminum construction and large side window give it elegant aesthetics while its heavily ventilated chassis allows for excellent performance.


Corsair Carbide 600Q Inverse Tower

The Corsair Carbide 600Q is a tall and wide minimalist case, both in terms of appearance and noise. It features an inverted motherboard orientation, an open front airflow design, noise damping sheets, and a fan controller.


Streacom F12C All-Aluminum Multimedia Chassis

The F12C is a departure for Streacom, a desktop media case that uses traditional air cooling rather than a fanless heatpipe system. However, it does retains Streacom's usual minimalist aesthetics and thick all-aluminum build quality.


Fractal Design Core 500 Mini-ITX Chassis

The Fractal Design Core 500 is a Shuttle-style mini-ITX case that offers a bit of everything at an affordable price, including excellent cooling & moderate noise.


NZXT Source 530 Full Tower Case

The Source 530 abandons much of the style NZXT is known for in favor of relatively pedestrian looks and an open airflow scheme. Though not designed as a quiet case, it nevertheless qualifies as one through sheer cooling efficiency.


SilverStone FTZ01: Mini-ITX Fortress

The SilverStone Fortress FTZ01 takes the Raven RVZ01's internal design and wraps in an aluminum exterior to create a more elegant slim mini-ITX gaming case.


SilverStone Grandia GD09 & GD10 HTPC Cases

Like their predecessors, the latest iterations of SilverStone's Grandia line offer all the capabilities of a proper desktop computer in a horizontal HTPC style case.


NZXT Source S340 Mid Tower

For a US$70 tower case, the NZXT S340 is surprisingly well built, attractive, and usable. It offers a level of refinement not usually available at this price-point.


Fractal Design Node 202 Compact Gaming Case

Fractal Design's Node 202 is a compact mini-ITX case that takes a SFX power supply and has space for a full-sized dual slot video card. It's a 10 Liter HTPC style enclosure with ambitious gaming aspirations.


SilverStone Precision PS11B-Q Budget Tower

The SilverStone Precision PS11B-Q is a modestly sized budget tower that follows the tenants of quiet case convention by having a mostly sealed off exterior, a single quiet fan, and padded side panels.


Antec Signature S10: A Second Coming?

The Signature S10 may mark a dramatic resurgence in the PC market for Antec. This beast of a tower features thick aluminum side doors, a separate drive compartment to improve cooling, and a lofty $499 price.


Antec P100 Case: Performance One on a Budget

The Antec P100 is a slimmed down, budget version of the P280, an attempt to bring Performance One to the US$70 price-point.


Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX Mini Tower

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX is a bulky mini-ITX tower with enthusiast grade features including support for thick 240/280 mm radiators, mounting points for a reservoir and pump, and a monstrous 200 mm front fan.


Fractal Design Define S Tower Case

The latest edition of Fractal Design's Define series takes the R5 and implements a more open airflow dynamic and improved watercooling compatibility.



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