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D.Vine 5 HTPC Case by Ahanix

The D.Vine5 Home Theater PC case reviewed here has been sponsored by ExoticPC as their prize for Silent PC Review's Summer 2003 Promotional Giveaway. It's more than just a pretty face; it really can work as part of a high end audio / video system. The case is supplied with two additional extremely quiet Ahanix-SilenX brand 60mm fans (retail value of US$20 for the pair).


Antec SLK3700 mid-tower Case

The photos of Ralf Hutter's PIII-S file server drew a great deal of attention when linked in the gallery section of the SPCR Forums, due to the unique folding technique Ralf employed to tidy the interior and maximize airflow. Here is Ralf's review of his favorite case, used for his server, the Antec Solution Series SLK3700.


AcoustiPack Noise Damping Kit

The review compares the noise from a AcoustiPack-treated Antec Sonata case versus a "bare" Sonata. Goes on and on... but lots of interesting things in there -- other damping materials, what the stuff should do, and high quality MP3s for comparisons. A bonus for the uninitiated: One is of the Panaflo 80L at 12V at 1 ft.


Antec Sonata Case & PSU

Antec, the biggest case & PSU brand in the US, moves towards quiet computing with the new Sonata case and True 380S power supply. Piano black finish, noise-reduced PSU, 120mm case fan, unique case flow, grommets for HDD mounting -- how do they all add up? A 2-for-1 review: Antec Sonata Case / PSU and Antec True 380S PSU


Brown Bread noise dampening

Member Ken Sakuma reviews the noise reduction effect of "Brown Bread" panel dampening material on a PC system that is already carefully tweaked for low noise. The review answers questions not only about BB but other similar materials such as Dynamat.



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