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Silverstone Fortress FT03 microATX Tower

The SilverStone Fortress FT03 attempts to duplicate the success of the rotated motherboard layout of the Fortress FT02 and Raven series, this time in an unusual square cross-section microATX tower.


NZXT H2 Classic Silent Midtower Chassis

The H2 is NZXT's attempt at a budget tower case with a silent slant. For US$100, it offers noise dampening foam, three quiet fans, a built-in fan controller, a SATA docking station, and a variety of other niceties including a brilliant front fan mounting tray.


Antec ISK 100 Mini-ITX Case

The Antec ISK 100 is a followup to the ISK 300, a smaller case without the 300's steel exterior, optical drive bay, expansion slot, and 8 cm fan(s). The ISK 100's most interesting features are its well-ventilated mesh cover and 10cm fan which should provide excellent cooling.


Zalman Z9 Plus ATX Tower Case

The Zalman Z9 Plus is a budget ATX tower case targeting the enthusiast/gamer market. The Z9 Plus has the usual trappings of such cases plus a temperature sensor with LCD display and a fan controller, all at a very reasonable price.


HDPLEX H10.ODD Fanless microATX Case

To show off the capabilities of their H10.ODD passively-cooled microATX case, HDPLEX sent us a sample with a fully assembled system consisting of a Core i3-530, SSD, Blu-ray drive, and fanless 150W power adapter. Read on to see how this minimalist, super slim, fanless PC case performs.


Lian Li PC-V354 MicroATX Mini Tower Case

The Lian Li PCV-354 is a larger version of the PC-Q08 with a few minor differences. The PC-V354 adds microATX support, an extra hard drive mount, two additional fans, and ships with a built-in memory card reader and fan speed controller. We take it for a ride in our anechoic chamber with some hot chic... uh, components.


Lian Li PC-B25S Mid-tower Aluminum Case

There's something about a handsome brushed aluminum case that everyone admires. The Lian Li PC-B25S mid-tower case has that aluminum panache, and a whole lot of features to go along with it. Does it have the cool and quiet performance to stand next to SPCR's recommended cases for silent computing?


Lian Li PC-Q08 Mini-ITX Mini Tower Case

The new Lian Li PC-Q08 supports up to six hard drives, a standard ATX power supply, and even a 30cm long graphics card in a stylish, well-crafted, 21-liter mini-ITX/DTX enclosure.


Silverstone Sugo SG07: The Ultimate Mini-ITX Case?

The Silverstone Sugo SG07 is an impressive cube/breadbox style mini-ITX case with a large 18 cm fan for cooling, a 600W 80 PLUS Bronze ATX power supply, and enough room for an extra long graphics card as well as a moderately-sized CPU cooler.


Fractal Design Array Mini ITX NAS Case

The Fractal Design Array is a fashionable mini-ITX cube style advertised as a small, quiet storage solution. It supports up to 6 drives and ships with a 300W 80 PLUS certified power supply and a low speed 140 mm fan.


Fractal Design Define R2 ATX Tower Case

Produced by Fractal Design, a young Swedish company, the Define R2 is a deceptively simple minimalist tower case that takes more than a few cues from the Antec P180 series cases. Though it retails for only US$100, the R2 is much more than a cheap clone.


Silverstone Grandia GD05: A Versatile HTPC Case

The Grandia GD05 (and its close brethren GD04) is imbued with the understated aesthetics Silverstone is famous for. It is not your typical small HTPC case, as it has a pragmatic design for great versatility and excellent cooling with extremely low noise. An Editor's Choice winner.


Inwin Maelstrom: An Affordable Gaming Case

The Inwin Maelstrom is a modestly priced gaming case with sturdy construction, plenty of ventilation and a large 22cm fan on the side panel blowing directly over the graphics card area. You may have to look beyond its appearance, though, to see its high performance and value.


Silverstone Fortress FT02 ATX Case

The SilverStone Fortress FT02 is an amalgamation of the Raven RV02's design and the Fortress FT01's construction and appearance. It features a rotated motherboard tray, three 18cm and one 12cm fans, damped side panels, and easy hard drive mounting with optional SATA backplanes.


Silverstone Raven Two

Soon after the original model was released, SilverStone went back to the drawing board with the goal of creating a second generation Raven with wider appeal. The Raven Two dispenses with EATX support for less imposing dimensions, yet adds another 18cm fan and is said to be cooler and quieter.



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