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Antec NSK1480: The Fusion gets Smaller

Antec keeps rolling with isolated-chamber cases descended from the P180. This time, the Fusion gets shrunk to a half-height version in the NSK1480.


Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming Case

The Twelve Hundred is essentially a larger version of the Nine Hundred Two, sharing the same core design, but taller, accommodating two extra fans, an additional hard drive cage and support for the excellent Antec CP-850 power supply. It'll be interesting to see how much difference this combination makes.


Atom energy efficiency champ: Intel D945GSEJT w/ Morex T1610 fanless case

The first Atom-embedded mini-ITX board from Intel to feature the mobile 945GSE Express Chipset. You can hear the cheers from minimalist, green, and silent PC enthusiasts. Along with the lower power profile, the physical profile has also been dramatically reduced, allowing fanless operation in the 1.2-liter Morex T1610 case.

m-ITX Cases: SEED MA-280B and Cooler Master Elite 100

A pair of small form factor cases, from Cooler Master and a lesser known brand called SEED, are the latest to pass through SPCR's test labs. Can either drive an ION-powered system without offending our sensitive hearing?


Luxa2 LM100 Mini: "Exquisite & Desirable" m-ITX HTPC Case

SPCR's exploration of new mini-IXT cases continues: The Luxa2 LM100 Mini is as far as you'll get from a junky beige box - it is downright beautiful. It's a highly priced, high quality, low profile Shuttle-like enclosure with a sturdy and elegant aluminum body, a small LCD display and remote control. How fares it against the more pedestrian boxes from Antec and Silverstone that we've reviewed recently?


Silverstone Sugo SG05 and SG06: Gaming mini-ITX cases?

Silverstone's SG05 and SG06 are mini-ITX cases with a twist: They can house a gaming system with a midrange graphics card. Low noise is also promised in these diminutive "classic" 11-liter breadbox style cases. We take them for a typical SPCR ride, long and hot in our anechoic chamber.


Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming Case

For a gaming machine, a case needs to have lots of ventilation and plenty of room for expansion, especially for extra long graphics cards. The Antec Nine Hundred Two fits the bill: It's spacious, affordable and, hopefully, quiet.


Antec Sonata Elite ATX Mid-Tower Case

The Antec Sonata's fundamental design has undergone only minor internal and cosmetic adjustments through three different generations. The Sonata Elite is more a departure, but hopefully it still retains what made the original Sonata such a mainstream success.


Antec ISK 300-65 Mini-ITX Case

The ISK-300 is the first of a new series of mini-ITX cases from Antec. It is small, comes with an external adapter and internal DC/DC converter for power, and affordable. Is it a product that can be placed beside Antec's best?


Moneual MonCaso 301 Desktop HTPC Case

Moneual sent us its Mon Caso 301 HTPC system, but unfortunately the components selected were not suitable for a silent PC. The Mon Caso 301 case had a lot going for it, however; with the right parts, it could be the foundation of a quiet HTPC. We decided to take a close look at this sleek sturdy case.


Silverstone Fortress FT01: Positive Pressure Case

The Fortress FT01 is Silverstone's second uni-body case with lots of other notable features. Low-speed 180mm fans, positive air pressure design, foam-dampened panels, and grommet-mounted hard drives all make this an interesting case for the silent power PC builder.


Coolermaster Sileo 500: Quiet ATX Midtower Case

The Sileo 500 is a departure for Coolermaster, the company's first case designed expressly for silent PC enthusiasts. How well did CM cover the fundamentals of quiet computing in this modestly priced case?


Antec P183: The P182 Gets More Air

The Antec P183 is an update of the iconic P182. At first glance, the two cases look very similar, but the P183 has much improved intake ventilation and a redesigned bottom chamber to accommodate Antec's new proprietary CP line of power supplies (as well as longer ATX units).


Silverstone Raven EATX Tower Case

Silverstone cases are usually well-constructed with good fundamentals and dispense with frivolous aesthetics and features. The Raven is perhaps their first departure from this course and it is certainly a dramatic one. Not only is the outside radically different from anything they've done before, the motherboard tray has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise.


Coolermaster's Fanless TC-100 mini-ITX case

It's marketed mostly to industrial system integrators, but the TC-100 is a bit of a sleeper case for mini-ITX. Fanless cooling using heatpipes and stereo amp style heatsinks, and a AC/12VDC adapter in a case that DIY enthusiasts would probably enjoy. With an SSD, it can be completely silent.



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