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Zalman HD160 Home Theater PC Enclosure

The HD160 is Zalman's first more-or-less conventional PC case, designed for a quiet, high performance HTPC. All-aluminum construction, front panel VFD display with MCE remote control, a prominent front panel volume control knob, and a fat price tag to match it all identifies the HD160's high end aspirations. How high does it reach?


SilverStone Temjin TJ-07

SilverStone's new all-aluminum flagship case is a huge, ambitious model that features a unique, amazingly heavy uni-body construction and split thermal chambers. The power supply and hard drives are in a separate chamber at the bottom, and all components are fed with fresh air. Obviously, it's a case for extreme cooling performance. How about for low noise?


Antec NSK2400 / Fusion Media PC Case

The NSK2400 is described by Antec as a desktop case, which suggests a throwback to an earlier era. The cosmetics and styling leave no doubt that this case is designed to blend well into modern audio/video equipment racks. The NSK2400 was designed expressly with both low noise and effective cooling in mind. It is, in many ways, an adaptation of the Antec P180 to the horizonal, slimmer profile of a media PC case. Its cooling performance is such that it may even find a niche as a quiet gaming case. POSTCRIPT, Dec 20, 2006: The high end version, Fusion, is covered in this poscript on the last page.


Zalman TNN-300 Fanless PC Enclosure System

It's raining TNNs at SPCR!? Our second Zalman TNN review in a week, this one tackles the TNN-300 as a case, cooling system, PSU and remote control for the home system builder. The concept is simple: A smaller, more user-friendly, more affordable version of their Totally No Noise system for broader tech consumer appeal. Mostly, it works. Our massive review tells you how.


Antec P150 mid-tower case w/ Neo HE 430 PSU

Antec steps up to the line again with a brand new mid-tower case and power supply in their high-end Performance One line. It's an all-steel case with many unique features that will delight PC silencers. You could call it a post-P180 case. The Antec P150 will definitely make waves. NOTE: Postcript on the black SOLO variant and other updates added June 15, 2006.


MuteMat sound absorption kit

MuteMat is basically a competitor to the likes of AcoustiProduct: Sheets of damping material that can be applied to the inside panels of a PC case to help make it quieter. The big difference is that it's not foam. Instead, it is an "unwoven micro-fibre that can supposedly absorb more noise than acoustic foam due to its finer underlying structure." We tried MuteMat on a quiet system and wrote up our findings... along with SPL measurements, sound recordings and descriptions of before and after.


AcoustiProducts Vibration Dampers

A well-known noise-damping company offers a variety of vibration damping devices for mounting fans, and similarly soft feet. We take a listen to what AcoustiProduct's new vibration dampeners can do for PC noise.


Antec P180 Review, Part 2: The Whole Nine Yards

Or Everything you ever wanted to know about the P180... including some things you never even dreamed about. It's the most gi-nor-mongous SPCR review ever. We challenge you to get through it without skipping any of the pages that display some ~14,000 words. Is it worth your time to read? You tell us. NOTE: Postcript about a new updated version added June 15, 2006.


Antec P180 Review, Part 1: A Silent System

In Part One of this 2-part review, Ralf Hutter installed a low-power, low thermal Pentium-M system in his sample Antec P180 and tweaked it for minimal noise. RH's acoustic analysis relies on what he heard, but you'll find his conclusions well-supported, logical and perfectly understandable. Part Two, a more comprehensive study with high power components by Devon Cooke, will be coming soon.


Antec P180: A Visual Tour

No it is still not a review, we are bogged down in the details and the volume of data we're generating in the lab. But here is a detailed tour of this new case that will tell many of you what you want to know. And a couple of interesting revelations about origins of the P180 and its future.


Silverstone LC-11 media PC case

It is slick and sleek, pretty and small, with an odd twist borne out of functional (cooling) need: The motherboard goes in upside down. Supplied with a small 240W PSU and two 80mm fans, the LC-11 is pretty quiet, too, especially if you take care, but it takes only Micro-ATX boards. Ralf Hutter tries a Pentium M system in this case -- with nice results.


Arctic Cooling Silentium T2

The masters of clever, cost-efficient heasink-fans pulled out all the stops in their entry into a new market sector with this unusual, innovative case in search of optimal cooling and low noise. The features list includes the first heatsinked and suspended HDD mount ever to be integrated into a case, totally non-standard airflow management, a custom-made dual 80mm-fan Seasonic PSU built into the front bottom corner of the case, and a ducted plastic base that directs air in and out of the case. All this behind a mild, unpretentious exterior. We pulled out all the stops, too, in reviewing the Arctic Cooling Silentium T2, with new audio spectrum analysis graphs to accompany the SPL measurements, audio recordings and detailed subjective descriptions.


Antec SLK3000B mid-tower case

The SLK 3000B is the latest evolution of Antec's popular 3700 series cases. The SLK 3000B has the same bezel as the 3700 AMB and BQE models, with subtle tweaks and refinements that make it the best of the breed yet. One big change: No power supply is included, with a corresponding drop in price... and the freedom to chose any PSU based on need, whim and budget.


Silverstone's Flagship: Temjin TJ06 PC case

The TJ06 is a tall mid-tower aluminum-steel hybrid with a host of unique features: Upside down mounting of the motherboard, a "wind tunnel" duct that directs the airflow of two 120mm fans in push-pull mode across the CPU area, separate thermal zones, a hinged front bezel, etc. It is a most unusual thermally and acoustically optimized PC case. We review the Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ06 along with the Silverstone TN01 heatpipe heatsink made expressly for this case.


Coolermaster Centurion 5 mid-tower case

The Centurion 5 is a mid-tower case with the kind of great style that has made Coolermaster one of the top case design brands among PC enthusiasts. Not being silver, it is atypical for Coolermaster; in fact, only the facia has any aluminum, and it's purple, not silver. We look past the unusual classy cosmetics to answer the question,



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