Shuttle SN95G5: A64-939 SFF

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The Shuttle SN95G5 utilizes another variant of the simple-yet-brilliant I.C.E. (Integrated Cooling Engine) which carries heat away from the CPU via heatpipe. At the opposite end of the heatpipe is an array of shrouded fins. A 92mm fan which is attached to the shroud exhausts the CPU heat as well as serving the purpose of a general exhaust case fan. It is a simple and sensible design which works very well..

The I.C.E. (Integrated Cooling Engine) Module.

The copper base of the I.C.E. module is just about as flat and smooth as one could want. A 92mm fan is used. The wire grill on the inside and the hex-pattern grill on the outside both restrict airflow a bit. Truly noise-conscious users will want to remove these grills.

Smooth and shiny copper base.

The 92mm fan is rated at a whopping 0.56A at 12V. This fan can move a lot of air -- and make a lot of noise.

The fan is equipped with a 4-pin plug which is said to allow for improved RPM / PWM control.

The three fan headers on the board are all 4-pin. These are now virtually standard on Intel socket 775 boards.
Note that 3-pin connectors can also be used.

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